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Webinar 17.10 – E-invoicing (KSeF) – 30 practical hints from implementation

BBC PPCC v1 - Webinar 17.10 - E-invoicing (KSeF) - 30 practical hints from implementation

We have the pleasure to invite you to the webinar with

Polish-Portuguese Chamber of Commerce

Belgian Business Chamber:

E-invoicing (KSeF) – 30 practical hints from implementation

The event will take place on 17th October 2023 

from 11:00 to 12:00

Our experts will discuss the following topics:

  • Granting the taxpayer access to the National e-invoicing system (KSeF)
    • How to access and log in to KSeF?
    • Are accounts in KSeF created only for individuals or also for companies?
    • Is it possible to authorize another person / entity to issue an invoice in KSeF and how to do it?
    • How to deal with a situation, sudden termination of cooperation with a person who has access to KSeF?
  • Verify and send and receive structured invoices through KSeF
    • Is a signature required when sending invoices or invoice packages to KSeF?
    • Will KSeF accept invoices without the optional elements but resulting from the scheme?
    • Does the document have to be sent to KSeF on the day of issuance by the accounting system?
    • How does the date and time of e-invoice creation relate to the date of issue (P_1) field from the <Fa> element ?
    • Is it necessary to fill in the P_1 (date of issue) field in the invoice sent to KSeF, since the structured invoice is considered to have been issued on the date it was sent?
    • Can it happen that an invoice sent at 23:59 can be considered by KSeF as sent 00:01 the following day?
    • If KSeF considers an invoice to have been sent on a day other than the date of issue indicated in the P_1 field, can it reject it?
    • How and whether to send a correction of an incorrect purchaser’s NIP (Tax Id No.)?
    • How will invoices issued in foreign currency to Polish contractors look like?
    • What happens if the issuer sends an invoice with accounting errors?
    • Will approval of the invoice recipient be required under mandatory KSeF?
    • Does the KSeF obligation apply to business-to-customer (B2C) relationships?
    • Does KSeF apply to foreign invoices?
    • How do we make payment for a proforma invoice if we do not have a number generated from KSeF?
  • Effects of errors on invoices and shipping
    • What happens if an invoice sent to KSeF is rejected?
    • Does the contractor to whom I issue the invoice have to agree to send the invoice through KSeF?
    • What exactly is checked by the system before assigning a KSeF number?
    • What if there is a need to correct an issued invoice?
    • Will it be possible to download invoices in bulk as files from KSeF?
    • What if I send 100 invoices to KSeF before midnight and the system does not have time to register them?
    • How can I forward invoices to foreign partners?
  • Other important aspects of using KSeF
    • Do accounting systems have to wait until a KSeF number is assigned before entering sales invoices?
    • Will the sender and recipient of an invoice automatically receive the number assigned to it, and where is it archived?
    • Will the recipient get information from KSeF that an entity has issued an invoice for him?
    • Will it be possible for KSeF to verify that the invoice has been collected by the buyer?
    • Will it be possible for the taxpayer to accept the invoice before the accountant has it?

The webinar will be held in English. Participation is free.

Please confirm your attendance by sending ‘Name, Surname, Company name’ to this email:

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