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International Women’s Day 2024

Today we celebrate International Women’s Day. Over the past few years, we can observe dynamic changes in attitudes towards gender equality in various aspects of life, including in the area of professional work. We are increasingly hearing about women taking on leadership positions and the expansive career paths that are available to them.

This year’s theme #InspireInclusion makes us think about the topic of gender equality in business. At Nexia Advicero, we pay a lot of attention to ensuring that both women and men have opportunities for advancement and that their commitment is rewarded accordingly.

In honor of this day, we decided to compare and present to you how Nexia Advicero ranks against the European Union:

  • According to data from Eurostat in the third quarter of last year, women accounted for only 34.7% of managers in the EU, while at Nexia Advicero women make up 75% of managers and supervisors,
  • In 2023, the share of women on the boards of limited liability companies was only 24%, but at Nexia Advicero women make up 60% of the board, and taking into account the board, managers and supervisors, the percentage is as high as 70.6!
  • The “Women in Finance” report shows that 49% of respondents believe that women are overlooked for promotions, and that women working in the financial industry are less likely to reach top positions, so we are extremely pleased to see that last year as many as 19 women were promoted in our company. We are proud that as a company we can contribute to promoting the role of women in business development.

We also encourage you to watch a short video we created for International Women’s Day:

On this day, we wish all women constant career satisfaction, personal success and the opportunity to develop their competence regardless of their position 🙂

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