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Excise tax and VAT

At Nexia Advicero, we are aware of the difficulties entrepreneurs may encounter in understanding the complex and frequently changing tax laws. However, being familiar with them may be a crucial component of Your business success. Therefore, we provide our clients with comprehensive VAT and excise tax services to ensure complete clarity and certainty in tax matters.

For Your business we:

  • seek the most beneficial solutions and tax preferences;
  • determine indirect tax rates and tax obligations;
  • provide ongoing consultations and analyses, as well as tax opinions;
  • keep you informed of emerging risks and changes in legislation affecting you, translating them from legal to business language;
  • appear before the tax authorities to obtain the status of an excise tax or value added tax payer, as well as to obtain a binding tax interpretation, a Binding Rate Information (WIS) or a Binding Excise Information (WIA);
  • analyse the obligation and assist in the registration of the tax warehouse;
  • support for the creation of excise duty documentation, including templates for excise duty registers;
  • prepare and submit the relevant tax returns;
  • draft appropriate notes to tax authorities as well as tax and court proceedings;
  • verify and secure concluded contracts taking into consideration minimising unfavourable tax and civil consequences;
  • review existing processes and propose the most favourable operating models;
  • provide seminars focused on explaining the practical implications of tax legislation.

Projects in the field of excise duty, among others, are overseen by legal counsel, tax adviser Mirosław Siwiński, who is annually recognised as a recommended Tax Adviser in the category Excise Tax in the Ranking of Tax Companies and Advisers organised by Rzeczpospolita.

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