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2 new partners in Advicero Nexia

Due to the continuous development and the needs of our Clients, Advicero Nexia expands the scope of its services by a company dealing with legal issues. You can already use the services of Advicero Legal Siwiński. This company specializes, among others, in cases bordering tax law with civil, commercial and economic law, general administrative proceedings, including educational subsidies and other covered by the public finance system, fiscal and civil proceedings in the area related to financial law. Advicero Legal Siwiński also deals with drawing up selected contracts, company registration and selected labor law and social security matters.

These are not the only changes that await Advicero Nexia. We are pleased to inform you that with the beginning of November 2019 Aneta Bugalska and Mirosław Siwiński took up partner positions. We are convinced that their knowledge and experience will allow for the future dynamic development of Advicero Nexia in Poland and further provision of services at the highest professional level. Congratulations and good luck in the new roles!

Katarzyna Klimkiewicz-Deplano, managing partner in Advicero Nexia: „In Advicero Nexia we currently have 4 partners, supported by a great team of tax advisors, experienced accountants and meticulous lawyers. Thanks to this, we can provide comprehensive services in tax advisory, accounting, payroll, corporate services as well as legal support. Aneta and Mirosław are extraordinary specialists and leaders of their teams. I am very happy to have such engaged experts among the partners of our firm”.

We offer to our Clients, in particular those wanting to start investments in Poland, support based on the One-Stop-Shop principle – complex, addressing their most crucial business needs. For more information do not hesitate to contact us at

Aneta Bugalska, Partner – manages the work of the Accounting & Payroll department at Advicero Nexia. She has almost 20 years of professional experience and a license to provide bookkeeping services. During her career, she cooperated with international consulting companies, including in years 2011-2016 with companies from the so-called Big Four. Since 2018 she has been associated with Advicero Nexia. Aneta specializes in accounting of international companies, has extensive experience in the field of taxation, accounting and reporting both in accordance with Polish law as well as IAS and US GAAPS. She participated in many projects in the field of transformation of business entities (mergers, acquisitions, liquidations), tax optimization, reconstruction of accounting books and tax corrections.

Mirosław Siwiński, Partner – tax advisor and legal counsel with extensive experience in handling proceedings and providing tax opinions. He has almost 20 years of professional experience. He specializes in the area of tax on goods and services, excise duty, income taxes and tax analysis. Mirosław also has experience in issues related to the civil and tax law and proceedings before tax authorities, administrative courts, as well as the EU Court of Justice. He also participated in many projects connected with the preparation of opinions and procedural documents in the field of administrative law, with particular emphasis on the issue of educational subsidies and road transport. He also has extensive trial experience in matters of social, civil and labor law. He is the author and co-author of book publications on tax issues, in particular the “Commentary on the tax on goods and services” and “Commentary on excise duty” and numerous regular publications in the daily and industry press. He specializes in commentaries and lectures in the field of VAT, excise duty, tax analysis and tax proceedings.

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