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Day off for a public holiday

The employer is obliged to grant an additional day off for a Saturday holiday. In the near future, this obligation applies to December 26 (Saturday).

The day off should be granted to the employee within a given settlement period, i.e. if the Employer’s settlement period is a monthly period, then the day off for December 26 should be granted by the end of the year. Giving a day off may take place both before and after a given holiday.

If the employer does not grant the employee a day off for a public holiday falling on Saturday, after the end of the settlement period, he will be obliged to pay 100% of overtime remuneration.

The employer may agree with the employees on convenient collection dates, the same for all employees, but there are no obstacles to give each employee a day off for a holiday on an individual date for him.

If the employee is sick on the day designated as a day off due to a Saturday holiday, he does not need to be granted the day off on another date.

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