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Two Hours for Family – Mother’s Day

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We will once again take part in the “Two Hours for Family” initiative organized as a part of the Global Social Movement Bringing People Closer. This year we have chosen a special day – Mother’s Day – for the reduction in working hours, and we feel that this date in particular will enable our employees to bond even more deeply with their loved ones.

This year marks the 12th edition of the “Two Hours for Family” campaign organized by the Humanities Institute, aiming to deepen family relationships, stopping for a moment and spending time with loved ones. The initiative was created in response to growing problems in todays’ society, such as weakening of relationships with loved ones and constant lack of time. Nowadays, it is becoming increasingly demanding to maintain a genuine and close relationship with people we care about the most. Therefore, every extra hour devoted to a valuable conversation or joint activity is significant.

The motto of this year’s edition is “Passions through generations”. Passions, hobbies and other activities that we enjoy bring people together and allow us to share with others something that is particularly close to our hearts. Sharing our passions is a great opportunity to spend some time together with our families and deepen the relationships that are the most important in a pleasant atmosphere. Passions bring people together regardless of their the age, gender or background they come from. This is especially close to our organization!

At Advicero Nexia we value the mental well-being of our employees and in taking any actions we are guided by the idea of corporate social responsibility. We are aware that nowadays many people feel the pressure of maintaining a work-life balance, so knowing how important time spent with family and loved ones is for our employees, once again we decided to take part in the “Two Hours for Family” initiative. This year we chose a very special day – Mother’s Day – we feel that this date in particular will enable our employees to bond even more deeply with their loved ones. We want to give our employees the opportunity to spend this special day in a unique way, and we encourage everyone to take these two hours to appreciate all Moms and share their passions.

We encourage everyone to spend this time with their significant others and dedicate it to sharing their passions. Below we prepared some suggestions to spend your time::

  • Take you Mom or Grandma on a walk, so they can show you the neighborhoods where they grew up, with which they have particularly important memories
  • Watch a favorite movie, or several, with the whole family!
  • Go for a family walk with your pet, during which there will be plenty of time for meaningful conversations
  • Organize a family board game marathon – play both modern games and those that were popular during your parents’ or grandparents’ childhood

More information on the “Two Hours for Family” initiative can be found ->here<-

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