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Solarplaza Summit Poland 2023

Once again, we had the opportunity to be a partner of the third edition of the Solarplaza Summit Poland 2023 conference, which took place on the 9th of May at the InterContinental Hotel in Warsaw.

The Solarplaza Summit Poland 2023 conference was aimed primarily at representatives of the renewable energy sector and those considering starting or expanding their business into the Polish energy market. Conference participants had the opportunity to learn about trends and innovative solutions that are currently the topic of conversations and discussions in the industry. In addition, they had the possibility to share their experiences and knowledge with the most prominent decision-makers during the networking sessions. This year’s edition was particularly focused on learning about the latest strategies, trends and business solutions that will significantly contribute to the further development of the Polish photovoltaic market.

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The conference was organized by Solarplaza– a company that shares expert knowledge and practical experience to expand awareness about solar and renewable energy around the world. It specializes in organizing events, writing newsletters and creating information portals that provide professionals working in the energy industry with a chance to develop further and establish relationships.

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Agnieszka Kosicka

During the event, Advicero Nexia experts had the opportunity to listen to speeches of more than 20 presenters, as well as to talk to more than 180 participants. This allowed them to exchange insights and learn new points of view on the future and current activities of the Polish photovoltaic market.

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Katarzyna Klimkiewicz-Deplano – Managing Partner and Tax Advisor at Advicero Nexia also led a speech titled “The Latest Tax & Financial Considerations for Investing in Large-scale Solar PV Projects”. Our expert addressed the most important investment issues in Poland, such as tax-efficient ways to finance RES projects, key tax burdens affecting project profitability, and the impact of financing costs on the tax shield. In addition, she provided answers to the most common questions in the field of investing in photovoltaic projects. Thank you all for your presence and active participation in the discussion.

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We are pleased to once again be a partner of the event, which supports the development of the renewable energy market. The Polish photovoltaic market, despite its dynamic development, is considered one of the most complicated in Europe through the complexity of regulations. The reason for this is in large part due to changes in regulatory policy, as well as the high requirements that need to be met to obtain permits. Our experts have been working with energy industry entities for years and supporting their activities in the RES market, so we are happy to be able to share our substantive knowledge at this event.

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