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Nexia Conferences in Kuala Lumpur

A series of conferences organized by the Nexia international took place in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, from 3rd to 7th of July. The event included as many as three conferences: APAC Regional Conference, The Managers and Future Leaders programme and The International Tax Conference. Our experts, Katarzyna Klimkiewicz-Deplano – Managing Partner and Sławomir Patejuk – Partner, had the opportunity to lead their own speeches during the last of the three conferences – The International Tax Conference.

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Katarzyna Klimkiewicz-Deplano, Sławomir Patejuk

One of the topics of particular interest not only in Poland, but also among other Nexia member companies, is the topic of workation. Therefore, Katarzyna Klimkiewicz-Deplano shared her practical knowledge and experience in this area during the conference. In today’s busy work life, remote work became our everyday life. Therefore, workation is gaining on popularity as a solution to explore new vacation destinations without the obligation to take a vacation leave. Workation, a combination of two words – work and vacation, allows employees to perform their professional duties from anywhere in the world, so they can combine work with travelling and exploring new places. The solution gives employees an opportunity to fulfill their duties and career goals, regardless of the location. It gives them great flexibility and freedom to organize their time. Moreover, such a change of environment can have a positive influence on the increase of innovation and creativity of an employee. Workation positively impacts the maintenance of work-life balance and can also prevent professional burnout.

However, despite the many advantages, particularly important for employees, for the employer such a solution may involve potential problems and risks. It is up to the employer to make sure that an employee is provided with suitable working conditions and that his or her productivity hasn’t decreased. In addition, the issues of accounting for income tax and also reporting the temporary change of employee’s place of work to local authorities are also important. All these issues are described by our experts in the publication “Practical information for an employer implementing a workation employee benefit”.

The conference series provided a great opportunity for representatives of Nexia member firms to meet, and consolidate existing and also create new relationships. During the event, participants had the opportunity to listen to interesting speeches by specialists, as well as take part in networking sessions. We are happy to meet representatives of member companies and exchange experiences and insights with them. Events such as the Nexia network conference series in Kuala Lumpur not only open us up to new views and opinion from all around the world but also have a positive effect on strengthening relationships within the entire Nexia network. This allows member companies to establish new collaborations among themselves and also strengthen existing ties, which in turn leads to an increase in the quality of our services and maintaining a very high level of commitment to our Clients.

We invite you to watch Nexia’s coverage of the conferences in Kuala Lumpur ->here<-

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