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Doing business in Romania

Romania is one of the most dynamic European markets, strategically located between SEE and CEE regions, bordering the West side of the Black Sea and with promising economical potential. Good relations with Republic of Moldova, to the East side, make a market of about 22 million people with historical common background. Being a NATO and an EU member, Romania is a regional engine following Poland development. Main sectors of activity are focused on industry, services, IT, retail, agriculture and infrastructure. A diverse territory and rich resources make it a country with authentic landscapes and multiple possibilities. Aligning to EU regulations resulted in continuous law changes and improvements into local systems.

As current focus is on increasing the digital transformation of the society, a new SME Digitization Program has started in Romania, worth in total EUR 350 million. Thus, within the NRRP (national recovery and resilience program), small and medium-sized companies can obtain funds up to EUR 100,000. The guide will be launched on the 15th of December 2022, and projects can be submitted between February 1st and March 30th, 2023.

Acquisitions will be focused to support the following types of actions: ICT hardware purchases, procurement of equipment for automation and robotics intended for technological flows, integrated with digital solutions, development and/or adaptation of software applications/licenses, including RPA software automation solutions, respectively Robotic Process Automation, procurement of blockchain technologies, purchases of artificial intelligence systems, machine learning, augmented reality, virtual reality, purchase of presentation website, procurement of cloud and IoT services, staff training to use ICT equipment, consultancy/analysis to identify technical solutions needed by SMEs. Benefiting of a recognized high literacy among population, an educated local staff and a flexible workforce, Romania is a good choice to develop a business in the region, a real technological hub.

Worth mentioning that since November 2022 there is possible to register a company directly online.

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