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Advicero Nexia | Tax Alert | E-delivery system: what is it all about?

Dear Clients,

We would like to inform you that as of December 10st, 2023 e-delivery obligation comes into force. From that date, public entities will be obliged to send documents via an electronic delivery system. As a result, companies and public trust professions will have to use electronic correspondence. By 10 March 2024, this obligation will apply to all entities registered in the KRS (National Court Register) before 10 December 2023.

What is electronic delivery and what is the purpose of its introduction?

A database of electronic addresses has been opened for the electronic delivery service. The database gathers addresses for e-delivery of businesses, public entities and citizens. The public entities with which correspondence will take place electronically from 10 December 2023 will be:

  • Social Security Institution,
  • National Health Fund,
  • executive agencies, budgetary management institutions, state special purpose funds, independent public health care institutions, public universities,
  • local government units and their unions and metropolitan unions and local government budgetary establishments.

For other public entities, the obligation to use e-delivery will come into force from 1 January 2025.

Functioning of the e-delivery system

It will be possible to obtain an e-delivery box by submitting an appropriate application and obtaining an entry in the database of electronic addresses. This can be done via the website.
A link will be then sent to the e-mail address indicated in the application to activate the e-delivery box. At the same time, the hybrid service will operate. If the recipient of the correspondence does not have an e-delivery address, the office will send the documents electronically, then they will be printed and delivered by the operator. It will also apply in cases where legal requirements make it necessary for offices to provide documents in paper form.

Advicero Nexia support

In connection with the entry into force of the e-delivery system, we offer our support in this regard. Once we have received the relevant power of attorney, we will be able to submit the relevant application on your behalf, enabling you to access the e-delivery box. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us.

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