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Additional child care leave in connection with coronavirus

1. Who is entitled to additional care allowance for the duration of childcare in connection with the closing of a crèche – children’s club – kindergarten – school due to COVID-19?

Additional child care leave is payable to parents or legal guardians of children who:

  • look after a child under 8 years old

The period of payment of additional child care leave (14 days) is not included in the general limit of 60 days that are entitled to care for a sick child under 14 years of age.

2. How to get additional child care leave?

Just make a statement to your employer. The employee may provide the total period of childcare or exclude from this period the days on which he was not obliged to work, e.g. Saturday and Sunday or the child was provided with care.

3. How do you count 14 days of additional child care leave?

Child care leave is paid for each day of care.

If both parents of the child work, one parent may apply for additional childcare allowance. They can also share childcare within the 14-day limit. Additional care allowance is granted to parents for a total of 14 days, regardless of the number of children needing care.

4. Child care leave on general principles::

The allowance from the standard pool is not longer than for:

  • 60 days in a calendar year if you are looking after a healthy child up to 8 years old or a sick child up to 14 years old, including a disabled child at that age,


  • 14 days in a calendar year if you are looking after a child over 14 years of age or another sick family member

5. Possibility of remote work:

In accordance with art. 3. the Act to counteract COVID-19, the employer may instruct the employee to perform, for a fixed period, work specified in the employment contract, outside the place of its permanent performance (remote work). However, the legislator does not specify for how long a remote work can take place.

According to information from Prime Minister Mateusz Morawiecki, educational establishments are to be closed by 25/03/2020. On March 12 and 13, the institutions will perform protective functions.

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