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Anti-crisis shield

Dear Clients,

The announced in Poland epidemic condition is an unprecedented situation and has created many unexpected challenges for Polish entrepreneurs.

To meet them, a special legal act regulating some relations between employer and employee has been published on March 2nd. In addition, on March 18th, the President and Prime Minister announced the creation of so called shielding package for entrepreneurs, advertised as anti-Crisis Shield. As announced, relevant draft bills will be created by the end of this week.

Below we present a description of the main assumptions – five pillars – of the announced shielding package for entrepreneurs. We would like to point out that these are only framework assumptions, and details as to their introduction, principles of operation as well as authorized entities will be found only in the draft bills – unfortunately the mentioned details have not yet been officially communicated by the legislator in any way.

1. Protection of working places

  • In the event of a decrease in turnover or financial loss in an enterprise – the state’s share in the remuneration costs at the level of 40% (max the amount of average remuneration in the national economy);
  • For self-employed individuals as well as those working under a mandate contract or contract work – payment of funds up to 80% of the minimum wage;
  • Possibility to extend the payment of care allowance for another two weeks – the funds for the payments are to come from the social insurance fund;
  • Prolongation of loan installments repayment;
  • Prolongation for payment for utilities – an agreement with companies providing such services is to be developed in this matter, similar to the agreement concluded with the banking sector;
  • Amendment to the Anti-usury Act – due to the significant increase in food prices in recent days.

2. Support for entrepreneurs

  • Credit guarantees;
  • Activities aimed at ensuring liquidity;
  • Micro loans up to 5,000 zlotys for entrepreneurs;
  • Higher guarantees for loans for entrepreneurs (provided by Domestic Economy Bank, BGK) – up to 80% of the loan value;
  • Support for operating leases for the transport sector;
  • Increased role of the Polish Development Fund, Domestic Economy Bank and Industry Protection Agency in supporting enterprises was emphasized.

3. Support for health care system

  • Over PLN 7.5 billion is to be allocated for this purpose;
  • The funds will be allocated to modernization and creation of one-purpose hospitals.

4. Financial system security

  • Security of deposits, saving accounts, withdrawals;
  • Solutions in connection with the package proposed by the National Bank of Poland;
  • Solution for capital market;
  • Solutions for liquidity.

5. Public investments

  • They are to act as an investment impulse on the part of the state, the value of the investment is to reach as much as PLN 30 billion;
  • Funds will be allocated for various purposes – local government roads, environmental protection, modernization of schools;
  • Funds are independent of European Funds.
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As Advicero Nexia, we are at your disposal and in particular support in the following areas:

  • Advice on labor law, incl. in the field of inquiries related to employees’ remote work, working time and its change, changes in employment conditions
  • Advice on labor law in the field of employing foreign employees
  • Advice on the use of care allowances and other forms of support
  • Reliefs in payment of tax liabilities and insurance premiums – applications for redemption, deferral, payment in installments
  • Examination of existing delivery conditions, in case of disruption or non-performance of contracts, advice on changes in contractual terms
  • Advice on aspects of capital market law in relation to the state of the epidemic
  • Advising on liquidity problems and management liability issues
  • Analysis of the tax and financial situation, recognition of events related to the state of the epidemic for accounting purposes
  • Analysis of financial data for the reasons of insolvency or bankruptcy.

Please contact our specialists:

Paulina Marcula, – labor law, settlements with employees

Aneta Bugalska, – accounting issues

Mirosław Siwiński, – commercial law, civil code, applications to tax authorities regarding tax reliefs (as well as reliefs re insurance premiums)

Katarzyna Klimkiewicz-Deplano, – analysis of the company’s financial standing, strategic consulting

Kind regards,

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